Bad News: Dude's Dead is the third episode of Season 3 of You're the Worst, which aired on September 14, 2016.


Gretchen enlists the gang's help to deliver some bad news to Jimmy so she doesn't have to albeit derailed by celebrating with an epic day-party. Lindsay comes to terms with stabbing her husband and finds a way to convince herself she loves him.


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Gretchen encounters Justina at a café, and tries to blame the situation with Jimmy's father on her while simultaneously seeking advice. She then tries to convince Edgar to break the news to Jimmy, but Edgar is having his own issues handling things since going off his medication.

Gretchen then organizes a party at the house, inviting Lindsay, Paul, Becca, Vernon, Edgar and Killian under the guise of it being a congratulatory event for Jimmy's book deal. But she then tries to convince all the friends to help her announce to Jimmy that his father is dead, soon giving up after Jimmy announces that he has bought cruise tickets for himself and Gretchen.

During the party, Lindsay continually tries to convince herself that she loves Paul, and she's at least impressed when Paul loudly sticks up for her after she is insulted. Killian tells whoever will listen that his father left home several days ago with no explanation, and hasn't returned.

As the party gets wilder, Jimmy retreats to the basement, and Edgar sees that he is going to call his father and gloat about selling the book. Jimmy has to leave a message instead. Gretchen then comes down the basement and finally breaks the news, leaving Jimmy looking stunned.

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