"Fists and Feet and Stuff" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of You're the Worst, which aired on September 18, 2014.


Jimmy and Gretchen take their relationship to the next level.


Main Cast


Jimmy and Lindsay have each hit rock bottom in their own particular way.

Gretchen is cleaning up her life and actually jogging. Edgar is sleeping in his car but has a menial job at a local gym. Becca and Vernon invite them all to a party, intending to announce Becca's pregnancy.

Jimmy, Gretchen, Edgar and Lindsay attempt to resolve their issues with each other. Edgar, trying to show that he is "moving on", introduces Jimmy to his "new English friend", who turns out to be an actor.

Gretchen and Lindsay decide that "buying in" to marriage and relationships might be the "punk rock" choice for them. Gretchen finds Jimmy and says "yes" to his non-proposal. She runs off again when Jimmy tells her the ring was for Becca.

Becca announces that she is pregnant, causing Lindsay to announce that she too will have a baby, but Paul then tells her he wants a divorce. Becca piles on, and Lindsay accuses her of cheating with Jimmy. The resulting argument ends with drunken Vernon attacking Jimmy, who is rescued by Edgar.

Jimmy and Edgar patch things up, then Jimmy barges into Gretchen's apartment, determined to persuade her to move in with him. Gretchen responds "not yet", but then the mass of old Christmas lights decorating her couch sets the apartment on fire. She, Jimmy, Edgar and Lindsay all move into Jimmy's house. Edgar is besotted with Lindsay after watching her sing karaoke at the party. Jimmy and Gretchen think things are working out for them, but dread the future.

The bookstore cat, which Gretchen has been keeping, is returned to the store.