It's Been, Part 1 is the first episode of Season 4 and the 37th overall episode.


Jimmy has been living in a retirement motor-home community for the last 3 months. He spends his days ficing things and watching old TV shows with his 71 year old malcontent neighbor Burt.


Main Cast


Now living in a retirement motor home park in the California desert near Barstow, Jimmy does handyman work for neighbors. While also befriending Burt, an elderly man who is very attached to an old muscle car.

Jimmy has not turned on his cell phone in three months.

After helping Burt make some difficult life choices, Jimmy receives a galley copy of his new book Width of a Peach in the mail, and finally decides to turn his phone back on, which goes crazy with people wanting to known where he is.

He sells his BMW, leaving the money for Burt, and later drives Burt's car toward Los Angeles.