Odysseus is the third episode of Season 4 and the 39th overall episode.


After Jimmy returns to Los Angeles, he attempts to make amends with Gretchen, leading to their first confrontation. Lindsay and Edgar enjoy their new friends with benefits arrangement while Edgar tries to show Jimmy that Gretchen wasn't the only person he abandoned.


Main Cast


Jimmy arrives back in his house to find Edgar and Lindsay having sex.

Edgar is upset as Jimmy acts like everything is back to normal, while Lindsay says Gretchen has been thriving in Jimmy's absence.

After Jimmy meets with Sam and his group and hears the "Europe" story, he is suspicious. Lindsay then tells the truth that Gretchen has been devastated, making Jimmy smile a little. Edgar is furious because he didn't know if Jimmy was even alive.

Gretchen wakes up with Ty, later attending his boring party. After meeting Ty's friend Boone and drinking a lot of wine, the two later hook up in the back of Boone's car.

Jimmy tries to send another text to Gretchen, but can't seem to word it right. But Gretchen watching her phone, seeing that Jimmy keeps starting and stopping his messages. She goes mad.

Gretchen storms into Jimmy's home to confront him, she slowly walks up to him and yells "Hey! Dot-dot-dot!", and runs off.

Jimmy follows her to Lindsay's apartment with Edgar in tow.

Jimmy and Gretchen argue a bit, which ends with Jimmy saying how the word "family" affected him. Gretchen appears to understand and acts apologetic, but moments later, it becomes clear that she isn't sorry and is angry with what Jimmy has done. By allowing his book to hit the ground.

She then leaves to go drinking with Lindsay.