"Spooky Sunday Sunday" is the eighth episode of Season 2 of You're the Worst, which aired on October 28, 2015.


Jimmy spearheads a Halloween-themed Sunday Funday.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Jimmy plans a Halloween Sunday Funday to get Gretchen out of her funk, but has Edgar pretend it was his idea. Edgar tells Jimmy he is still too nervous with Dorothy, and confesses he hasn't had sex in three years.

They all get costumes, but Jimmy's is from a British period drama nobody else has heard of. Jimmy's plan leads them to an extreme House of Horrors where they have to sign a release to enter.

Lindsay breaks down in a torture session and gets some life coaching from her "torturer". Edgar freaks out and beats up a "mad slasher", then opens up to Dorothy. They have sex in the dungeon.

At the end, Jimmy reveals his plan to Gretchen, making her angry. He leaves and meets the owner of his bar, Nina, who connects with him over his obscure outfit. Gretchen decides to pretend he really did fix her, to stop him trying again. Lindsay, having been coached into calling the power company, returns home to find all the lights on, with TV and appliances running.

The episode features pastiches of horror movies ranging from chainsaw massacres to "found video footage"

Spooky Sunday Funday (2)