This Is Just Marketing is the fourth episode of Season 4 and the 40th overall episode.


Jimmy learns that his literary novel is being marketed as erotica. While doing Vernon's podcast, Gretchen realizes she's been letting Jimmy off easy. When Edgar and Lindsay babysit Tallulah, Lindsay learns for the first time that she's capable of love and Edgar tries a new technique to pick up women.


Main Cast


Jimmy gets annoyed when his publishing rep, Candace, wants to market Width of a Peach as erotica rather than literature, but he later embraces the decision during a live reading for fans of the genre.

Gretchen joins Becca on Vernon's podcast. As the two women trade insults about Jimmy, Gretchen begins to realize she pays rent for the Silver Lake house and has just as much right to live there as Jimmy does.

Edgar pretends he wants more from his relationship with Lindsay than just sex, and she appears to buy into it before he reveals he was only teasing. Lindsay becomes angry when a drunk Becca appears to be neglecting baby Tallulah.

Lindsay later tells her boss that she wants to throw herself fully into her career.

As Jimmy views videos from his book read, Gretchen walks in with some of her stuff and heads to their once-shared bedroom. When he asks her what's going on, she says, "I live here," and tells him, "get out of my room".